April 2015 Reflections

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As I reflect on the past week and the loss of another beautiful, strong, loved young woman and know of many more who are struggling, others who are seeking treatment and being denied; I know the fight must continue. We have so much work to be done, so much to accomplish, with a renewed sense of purpose KMB will advocate, inspire and challenge everyone to help others. We must never forget that everyday someone is struggling with ED, everyday someone is dying due to prolonged complications with ED, everyday someone is denied treatment, everyday someone is misdiagnosed, everyday someone is not receiving the appropriate treatment at a hospital because medical professionals are not trained, everyday someone is discharged because insurance determines they no longer need treatment, everyday someone blames the individual for this brain based disease, everyday people struggle to support individuals who suffer because they do not understand, everyday family members struggle to support loved ones who are in so much pain, everyday another heart stops due to extreme stress, everyday an individual who struggles thinks they can recover on their own, everyday someone takes their life because the pain is so unbearable, everyday someone is feeling lost with nowhere to turn, alone wondering …….. wondering…..


Everyday someone supports an individual who struggles, an individual who is desperately ill, everyday families want to help a loved one, everyday a husband, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a sister, a mom, a dad struggles to know what to do, how to support their loved one, how to access help, how to help others understand how frightened and scared you are, how uncertain you are. Every day they ask why, how, who, where do we turn, the endless questions, the endless sense of being alone, the endless feeling of complete and utter disbelief that there are not answers…………………

We are inspired and it is with renewed sense of purpose that KMB will continue our goals of raising awareness and advocating for research, training, access to treatment, true Parity and education so that no will hear from a medical professional, “we do not know how to handle this type of case” or treat a patient as if ED is a choice or being caught in the middle of being too ill for one facility and not sick enough for another. Refusal of treatment or inadequate treatment do to misdiagnosis, lack of protocols, inappropriate treatment plans because of lack of training/knowledge/understanding; all of these situations are occurring every day, all across the country and in truth all around the world.

KMB will…..

Raise Awareness, Knowledge, Understanding

Lobby both locally and nationally

Advocate, Advocate, Advocate

Provide support for anyone who struggles