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In the US, approximately 30 million suffer from eating disorders. The consequences are dire: eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, and treatment can cost more than $2,000 per day.

Since KMB was established in 2013, we have committed ourselves to raising awareness and providing support to our community and individuals all over the nation.

We are currently collecting donations for our Fall Fundraiser – the ROBtoberfest 5k! Please consider supporting Team KMB through Crowdrise!


Current Initiatives

Each year we elect our new initiative. We determine a need in our community and focus our fundraising efforts and advocacy around the initiative. We will be offering Professional Development Scholarships and launching The Pillow Project for our 2018 Initiatives! Donate a pillow to an individual in ED treatment for $10.00!

 Past initiatives

Co-hosted the 1st Western New York Body Positive Facilitator Training. We trained 12 professionals in the Western New York area on The Body Project. Each participant is expected to lead 2 Body Project Programs in 2017.

Piloted a web-based program for Eating Disorder online support and discussion. We collaborated with a sorority at Syracuse University to the develop and implement the program, Love Your Body U. Provided support and guidance for participants, successfully gathered data and feedback to influence future online programs.

Launched and funded Eating Disorder support groups for St. John Fisher College and Nazareth College. Collaborated with the counseling center at St. John Fisher to guide sessions and provide support.

In the early stages of our foundation, our primary concern was Eating Disorder Awareness. In the first year, we distributed over 1,000 bracelets, distributed 70 sweatshirts, and conducted 5 informational presentations in our region. To date, we have conducted over 20 presentations and programs in our region.


$5 of every donation supports the NEDA Feeding Hope Fund.