Programs and Presentations


We believe the best way to increase awareness about eating disorders is through presentations, discussions, and providing up-to-date resources and relevant materials. We would love to opportunity to work with you and collaborate to tailor a presentation about ED to your population.

Our programs and presentations include, but are not limited to:

Documentary Showing and Discussion
Showing of the documentary “Someday Melissa” with time for guided open discussion after the showing.

The Body Project (Body Positive) (NEDA)
This includes 4 (1) hour sessions by a trained facilitator
– Impact of Media
– Empowerment
– Embracing You
– Balance
These sessions can always be shortened or abbreviated/ tailored.
The Body Project is a dissonance-based body-acceptance program designed to help high school girls and college-age women resist cultural pressures to conform to the appearance ideal standard of female beauty and reduce their pursuit of unrealistic bodies.

Body Positive Facilitator Training (NEDA)
This includes 2 (8) hour sessions with a trained NEDA facilitator.
Clinicians, social workers, mental health professionals and individuals connected with eating disorder treatment and advocacy. As part of this training, all facilitators are expected to lead 2 Body Project programs in 2017 for groups of 10-12 participants.

Body Positive Presentation
A general body positive presentation with open discussion.

Eating Disorder Presentation
(can combine all of the below items or focus on one)
– Facts and Myths
– The Neuro and Biological Connection
– Advocacy (how you can make a difference)
– Information and Resources

Katie’s Journey and Our Personal Story

A brief presentation and open discussion of Katie’s story and struggle with ED and our personal journey.

Sock It to ED
Sock It to ED
– what is, how it began, how we can spread awareness (socks are included!)

ED Awareness Event
Want to participate in Eating Disorder Awareness event but not sure where to start? Let us help!

We are always happy to customize our interactive presentation!

Please contact us!