Reflection Of My Journey – Speech For The West Chester NEDA Walk 2015

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Good Morning…. I am honored to be here today. Thank you for this

opportunity. I first met NEDA about 2 years ago; when I desperately

needed to understand and know that there were options for people

who struggle with ED. I found a wonderful community that understood

and gave me hope, inspired me to help others. I Live in upstate NY and

have been involved with ED for over 15 years. I am the Director of a

foundation dedicated to raising awareness, knowledge, understanding,

support and options for anyone impacted by ED. My journey has given

me wisdom, a great deal of patience, hope and a passion to help and

advocate for recovery, recovery is the only option; treatment, a

comprehensive plan and the time necessary to heal.

For those who are fighting the battle;

Each and every one of us must start the conversation, your struggle is

real; raise your voice. Share your story, it is ok; people need to know

that there are times when every day is a challenge, going to a family

dinner is hard, a sudden change of plans can create anxiety. My

message today is to remind you that you are so important; your friends,

family and loved ones care deeply about you.

your thoughts,

your feelings are important,

your fears, your worries are so important.

No matter what, you are loved, beyond what you can ever imagine; you

are loved.

Share your feelings, tell your story, do not feel ashamed, there is no


Together we must raise awareness.

Together we must help everyone understand that eating disorders,

disorder thinking are NOT a choice.

NO one chooses to lose their friends, to become distant

NO one chooses to not have fun with their friends,

NO one chooses to isolate themselves,

NO one chooses to lie to everyone they love,

NO one chooses to be angry at everyone,

No one chooses to be afraid, to be fearful

No one chooses to be so distracted by negative thoughts that they

cannot enjoy a beautiful fall day,

No one chooses to be so weak that they cannot go to school or go to

work or go on vacation

Eating Disorders are NOT a choice!!!

Share your fears; trust those who love you. Always know you are

surrounded by love and people who care about you; we are all here

because we care, we are here for you. Look to your right, look to the

left; smile, give a hug, reach out your hand. YOU are not alone, raise

your voice; you are amazing!!

Embrace who you are, embrace joy, embrace each breath you

breathe…. Embrace Life, embrace living, really living and being present

in every moment. Life is not about certain moments; it is about every


Strong, Beautiful, Loved,

Words of inspiration, words to remember each and everyday.

Strong, you are stronger than you know; recovery is the answer; each

step, each challenge, you can do this.

Strong: the courage to believe in you, the strength to trust those who

love you.

You are a warrior, fight for you, you are strong; you will calm your fears.

Your strength is your courage; you have courage beyond all courage,

you may stumble but, you get up and you try again because you know

you are worth it. You have the courage to face whatever challenge you

meet, because you will not let ED take another moment, another day.

Your strength is evident in the courage you show to fight ED and say,

“no more, this is my life and you will take nothing more from me”. Use

this courage to continue in recovery and get stronger and stronger.

Each step you take empowers you, gives you strength and that strength

builds each time you stand up for you. Each and every time you say I

am going to take back my life; I am doing this for me; you give yourself

strength and courage to overcome the next challenge that confronts

you. You are Strong.

YOU are Beautiful: you, there is only one “you”; you are so unique in

your own special way, that is what makes YOU so incredibly amazing;

embrace this, celebrate you. Beauty shines from within, you are one in

a million, million and thank goodness, you are you. Each of us is

unique; you are like a beautiful painting, each detail is representative of

your unique experiences, the people you meet, your families and the

places you go/where you live; no two individuals are exactly the same!!

Nor do we want to be anything like anyone else; you are you, Love you.

You are Strong. You are Beautiful and

You are Loved

You are loved, you are loved…………… never doubt; you are surrounded

by love, just look around you……………….. You are loved by family and

friends and you are loved by everyone who is present today. You are

loved, simply because you are you; you need nothing more. Love goes

beyond all understanding, never doubt the love others have for you.

Believe in you, believe in your courage, believe in your strength, believe

in your beauty, believe in the power you have to continue to heal and

have full recovery. Those of you who are in recovery, believe in your

strength, courage and determination to be standing here today.

Celebrate you. You inspire all of us. We are here for you.

It is so important for you to acknowledge your courage and your

strength; it is important for you to honor you, honor who you are and

all you are becoming. Daily affirmations are so important; You are

strong. You are beautiful. You are Loved are words of inspiration I

would text to my daughter. Affirmations or reminders help inspire and

bring us courage; to keep on going when in the moment the obstacles

holding us back may seem so overwhelming.

Make choices that allow you to move forward.

To those who are the support team; You are strong. You are Beautiful.

You are loved; your courage is undeniable, you have maneuvered some

of the roughest waters and I know there are times when you feel alone

and completely overwhelmed. WE honor your courage, strength and

love. You are also a warrior. You fight with every ounce of energy you

have, and you never, never lose hope; you have endless faith.

And lastly Believe, believe in you; believe in recovery, believe that you

deserve a healthy, balanced life, believe in you, believe you are strong,

believe you are beautiful, know you are loved. Believe in the power of


You are Strong. You are Beautiful. You are Loved.

Thank you…………..