supportYour donation will help us to continue to speak in schools and develop the most informative and accurate presentation. We will be able to continue to fund and expand our effort to implement ED support groups on college campuses. This is significant, as it is a key part of recovery for individuals struggling and the resources provided within college health centers can be extremely limited.


Millions of people around the world and across the US struggle in silence with the devastating effects of an eating disorder. Why? Because most people have no idea what ED is, they do not know the signs, they do not know what to say and most medical practitioners do not know the basic, clinically proven lifesaving protocols for treating ED. Can you imagine your child being in a world class hospital having the Doctors say “they do not know how to handle this type of case” or misdiagnose!!!! This is happening in every hospital in the US. KMB makes every effort to stay current with research based treatment and treatment facilities, to advocate for legislative initiatives on a State and National level for comprehensive treatment and insurance. We advocate for support for families, individuals, for adequate and appropriate treatment that leads to sustained recovery. Treatment is a comprehensive, intensive long term plan to help the individual reclaim their life that has been derailed by a disease that hijacks their brain.