Why I March…

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Why I march….. I march to raise awareness and help people understand that ED is deadly; and recovery

is possible, we have to stop ignoring the facts. We march to save lives; our voices will be heard, we will

raise our voices for those who cannot.

I march because this passionate group of people comes together with a common purpose. We all

understand, we all get it; we understand the pain, the anger, the heartbreak. Most people have no idea,

and yet we all know someone who struggles with mental illness. We have to move beyond denial, we

have to empower those who struggle, we have to fight for treatment, I march for the Anna Westin Act. I

march because together we will impact change, together our message will be heard.

When my daughter was so sick, she could not make the decisions needed to save her life; it was not

until after her death that I realized her situation was the norm, it was not somehow this irrational,

extreme case that was beyond all sense of reason. She was a statistic; she was the 20% who die from a

disease that no one should die from. 23 people die every day from anorexia, the highest of all mental

illnesses. We cannot accept this, I march to save lives. I march to make recovery the only option, I

march so that early diagnosis is the only option, I march to that everyone has access to comprehensive

treatment. I march for recovery. I march in memory of my daughter Katie, whose life was cut short by a

vicious disease that ravaged her body and hijacked her brain; nothing anyone would chose to happen.

I march because every day we men, women, children, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and loved ones

lose their battle, struggle or are misdiagnosed; this must end. I march because I lived my worst

nightmare, I watched my daughter die and no one, no one could intervene. I march because it

empowers all of us to make a difference.